Filther for Substance 

by Ronan Mahon

Filthy never looked so good. 

Personal/Freelance INDIVIDUAL

For personal or commercial use for an INDIVIDUAL. Businesses of more than one person do not qualify.

Small Business (revenue under $100K)

For commercial use in a small business (revenue under $100K)

Studio (revenue over $100K)

For commercial STUDIO use.

Pack Description

Add fully procedural dirt and filth to any material for a fast and beautiful result that is easily customised. Get infinite variation quickly using automatic smart blends. 

For use in Substance Designer, Painter or Alchemist.

Filther Version 1.1 - Release Notes

Added debug switch for easy viewing of the master Filther Mask

Added support for Spec/Gloss workflow - toggled in Technical Parameters

Added Curvature based Smart Blending


  • Responsive and easy to use
  • Automatic SmartBlending with any material in your scene
  • 19 different customisable procedural masks or use your own input
  • 35 ready to use Material Presets
  • Build your own material using the exposed parameters or even use an existing material from your library
  • Paint directly into Filther to customise it without the use of extra masks

Technical Details:

  • Includes SBS, SBSAR and SmartMaterial
  • Fully procedural and with scaling resolution and detail - SBSAR is 96KB in size
  • SmartBlending auto samples your scene & utilises the best input source it can find for blends
  • Over 40 exposed parameters and with random seed control
  • UV control and multi-input Triplanar projection
  • Direct painting without using masks to tweak the final result (add, remove, reveal)
  • Responsive - SubstancePlayer reports 50-60ms @2048 res with a regular setup, 120-170ms @2048 when enabling every channel and creating complex blends. 
  • BaseColor, Normal, Roughness, Metallic, SSS, CustomFilth and CustomMask channels
  • 35 Material Presets: Default, Dirt Fine, Dirt Medium, Dirt Heavy, Mud Drying, Sand, Dust, Rust Fine, Rust Medium, Rust Heavy, Damage Light, Damage Medium, Damage Heavy, Blood Fresh, Blood Congealed, Blood Dried, Moss, Moss Damp, Mould, Lichen, Stain, Stain Coffee, Stain Wet, Grease, Oil, Puddle, Milk, Paint Wet, Paint Chipped, Varnish New Thin, Varnish New Thick, Varnish Old, Metal Burnt, Corroded, Gold Leaf